The international conference center Mohammed VI

Located in Skhirat next to Amphitrite palace, where it is known for its excellent Atlantic Ocean beaches; “the international conference center Mohammed VI”’ offers new solutions to all kind of receptions & events.

Reception Hall

The spacious reception hall, offers a combination of meeting rooms and exhibition areas that can fulfill all your needs:

Reception, welcome desks, registration, badges, information desk, cocktails, coffee breaks, exhibitions.

Royal Room

Combining comfort and security, the heads of state meeting room is an independent entity designed and equipped to receive high-level international meetings


The 528 seats Auditorium, including 2 balconies of 16 seats each, offers the latest generation of audiovisual equipment to answer all your requirements.

With its flexibility on almost 200 m2, the stage can be adapted to any type of set up:

Video recording, video projection on a central screen and 2 other side screens, dressing rooms for artists, press rooms and simultaneous translation booths.

Ball Room

The 620 m2 Convention Hall can be divided in 3 modular meeting Rooms (Paris, Madrid & London), that can be adapted to any type of event.

Ball room capacity is:

500 persons set up, 1000 persons for cocktail, translation booths, fully equipped “sound- light & video” control room and the possibility of an extension for an open or covered garden space of 1500 m2.

Break out Rooms

2 levels of breakout rooms, each one 240 m2 and can be divided in 5 individual rooms.